Languages & Personality Development


    06 Month


    03 Hours

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About Course

The ability to communicate in a second language gives one a competitive advantage when making career decisions. Learning a foreign language helps with memory and listening. Knowing another language helps one participate more responsibly and effectively in a multicultural society.

The teacher at a place like BCM will have all the tools at their disposal for you to progress in your language learning. In addition to books and exercises, they will prepare reading, listening, and speaking stimulus. There will also be tests, which will give you a great chance to assess how well you learned.

In this Course we cover

Spoken English

  • Introduction
  • Vocabulary & Formation of Sentences
  • Basic Grammar
  • Grammar's Usages
  • Debates & Group Discussion
  • You will Learn Everything You Need for Effective Oral Communication

Advance Spoken English

  • Increasing Fluency Level/ Grammar Revision
  • Presentation Skill
  • Positive Attitude
  • Goal Setting
  • Developing Leadership Quality
  • Self Confidence & Remove Stage Fear


  • Grammar portion for IELTS. Exam will be covered.
  • Personal Attention will be given to each section
  • Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading
  • Regular Full Mock Test will be conducted to have better practice and develop confidence to get good score band.

French / German / Spanish Language

  • Alphabets
  • Gen. Vocabulary
  • Telephonic Talk
  • Dialogues frequently Used
  • Speeches
  • Grammar, Formation of Sentences

Personality Development

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Technique
  • Developing Self Confidence
  • Art of Conversation & Remove Stage Fear
  • Body Language & Its Importance
  • How to appear for an interview

MS – Office

  • Fundamental of Computers
  • Windows XP
  • WordPad
  • Paint Brush
  • Documentation in MS Word
  • Spread Sheet in MS Excel
  • Animation Effect in MS Power Point Internet
  • Internet

Typing Course

  • English Typing
  • Gujarati Typing
  • Hindi Typing

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